I was reading about the Ford flathead, and the main problem for the engine was compression ratio. There were a few other problems, but the main problem seemed to be bad compression capabilities. So, with turbos and forced induction becoming the norm, could the flathead be feasible again? I was supposed to be studying for an exam, so my thinking was at its peak capabilities. Despite this clarity of mind, I don’t know a whole lot about the problems in depth. My main thoughts on the benefits of thus setup would be a very compact engine. Also, while 2 valves per cylinder sounds like a drawback, the Chevy Small Block does well with just 2. So, armchairs engineers of Jalopnik, is it possible for the flathead engine to make a renaissance?

Illustration for article titled Is the Flathead Feasible?

My in-depth technical drawings, drawn in the margin of my Calc 2, or maybe physics, notes.

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